The ARK in the PARK project is based on The Great Park, Newcastle upon Tyne.

It is one of a series of Nationwide projects to engender Community spirit in new build areas and is sponsored by the Church of England.



Newcastle Great Park is a large new urban development situated in the North East of England, on the rural northern fringes of Newcastle. The park is currently home to about 1,000 families, and will grow to house 2,500 families. It also has a migratory workforce as there are commercial offices including the PCT and Sage companies. When completed The Great Park will be a large multi cultural community living in the latest designed, bright modern homes. There will also be a business park and a town centre with retail, health, leisure, hotel and community facilities. It is estimated that a community of 12,000 people will be here in total in the future.

The residents here are looking for a new way of living, with environmental and contemporary aspirations. Many are professional families taking advantage of the location and facilities.

The average age of the people living here is 25 to 49, there are many young families due to the large size of the houses. Many people here are professional; and may be out at work for the majority of the day. The younger and older members of society living here may feel isolated in this dormitory development?

Half of the Great Park is landscaped with a mix of woods and fields. The iconic conical hills, ponds and streams can be enjoyed by residents and their friends. ( See the Gallery for pictures of walks around the surrounding area). There is plenty of open space, walks and cycle paths so the park is a good place to promote a green and healthy lifestyle for everyone to enjoy.

We have an objective

to be a resource to generate and stimulate community life amongst all people of the Great Park. To develop and contribute to a vision to grow, sustain and reinforce Christian values and the appreciation of the Christian faith in the Neighbourhood.

The ARK in the PARK

Church Community worker

The church has appointed me: Ruth Hewett as a Church Community Worker for this project. I live with my family at The ARK in the PARK at 62, Featherstone Grove. As a fellow resident of The Great Park you can be sure to receive a warm welcome at the ARK. One of our aims is to be here to be a hub for activities and events so it is easier to be with your friends and neighbours. We have already been involved in several events including the House blessing (see the Easter newsheet for a report on this), and the Winter Festival at Brunton First School where we asked many of you what you would like to do, look for the survey results here. We would like to hear your points of view so please contact us as often as you like. I will be keeping a BLOG for the first time on life in the Great Park and daily happenings so please read it to keep informed.

The ARK in the PARK