The VISION for The ARK in the PARK

The intention is to bring people together from the whole Great Park community and this may manifest itself in many ways. The potential of the ARK in the PARK  on The Newcastle Great Park can be summarised as follows:

The project hopes to:

Encourage fellowship

Share the Christian faith in a natural inclusive manner

Generate a sense of belonging to community

Provide and support community activities for all generations

Sow the seeds of faith & nurture it

Develop with the surrounding community

Build relationships with external partners

Promote Christian family values of sharing and caring, fair trade, green living

React on feedback to improve future plans

But the project will also develop activities at other venues and in the open air. It will also work with the new school and other sectors as they begin to impact on life in the Park. Already there are plans to:

Produce a community newsletter

Encourage good neighbourliness through it’s NOAH initiative (Neighbours Offer Active Help)

Develop an activity programme including art classes, small groups and children’s clubs

Develop a seasonal celebration/festival programme

The strategic oversight of the initiative will be provided through a small Steering Group which will include:

The Team Rector of Christ the King ( with responsibility for Brunton Park)

The Vicar of Kingston Park

Local church members from the two participating parishes

The Diocesan Local Evangelism Officer

The Archdeacon of Northumberland